Smooth-On Q-Ballz is a single component liquid that can be used as a bald cap plastic or for encapsulating silicone gel prosthetic appliances. The edges of a silicone prosthetic appliance encapsulated in Q‑BallzTM can be dissolved away with acetone. Q‑BallzTM can also be used to create bald caps on an appropriate head form. FOR USE AS AN ENCAPSULANT FOR SILICONE APPLIANCES: 1. Apply a thin layer of release agent, such as Ease Release® 200 or petroleum jelly, to all surfaces of prosthetic mold. 2. Thin Q-BallzTM with acetone. Generally 3-4 parts acetone added to 1 part Q-BallzTM is sufficient. 3. Using an airbrush or other fine mist sprayer, spray a thin layer of thinned Q-BallzTM over all mold surfaces 4. Allow at least 10 minutes of drying time between layers. 5. Repeat steps 3-4 to build up an appropriate thickness. Generally, 5-10 layers are sufficient. 6. Fill mold using a silicone gel such as Ecoflex® Gel or Dragon Skin® softened with SLACKER®. 7. Allow silicone gel to fully cure. 8. Optional - spray 3-4 thin layers of thinned Q-BallzTM over back of appliance. 9. Demold silicone gel filled appliance with the assistance of a soft bush and talcum powder. 10. Fine edges of the completed encapsulated appliance can be dissolved using acetone.

Product Features

  • Smooth-On Q-Ballz 4 oz
  • Create Bald caps and encapsulated silicone appliances
  • Edges of prosthetic melt away with acetone, leaving the most lifelike prosthetics without seams
  • Can be thinned with Acetone and airbrushed

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