<p><b>RingShrinker with UV Flashlight.</b></p ><p>RingShrinker is a simple, fast, comfortable, and durable ring size adjuster, and is virtually invisible because it is applied only to the inside of the ring.</p><p>RingShrinker is easy to apply and is safe for all metals. RingShrinker works best on rings that are at least 2mm wide.</p><p><b>Instructions:</b> Wash the ring with very hot water and (non-lotion) dish detergent. Rinse well and dry completely. We also supply cleaning pads which we recommend using after washing and drying the ring. <b><I>Apply the RingShrinker resin ONLY indoors or in the shade (never in direct sunlight)</I></b>.</p><p>To cure, expose the ring to direct sunlight for 1 minute or with the UV Flashlight for about 3 minutes.</p><p>RingShrinker can be applied as bumps or continuously around the inside of the ring. Be sure to use only a small amount of resin on the brush so that you don't apply too much at once. Multiple applications can be applied for greater ring size reduction.</p><p>Once hardened, your ring is safe to wear immediately. There may be a slight stickiness on the surface which will go away quickly.</p><p><b><I>Be sure to close the container tightly and seal in the light protective bag when not in use.</I></b></p><p>We, PGC INC (jpcpgc), are the manufacturer and <b>ONLY AUTHORIZED SELLER</b> of this product. Purchases from any other seller will not have our customer service or exchange privileges and may not be in approved packaging.</p><p> © IMAGES AND CONTENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, PGC INC.</p>

Product Features

  • Fast - RingShrinker Resin cures within 3 minutes with UV light (provided)
  • Easy to apply ring sizer (brush in bottle like nail polish)
  • Invisible - Applied only to the inside of the ring
  • Comfortable and Durable (best for rings 3mm wide or wider)
  • Safe for all metals. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Our Score: 389

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