This MM3LBTUB04 makers mix is a Fast setting, lightweight, DIY concrete that is engineered with recycled and patented components. It is 30percent lighter than Regular concrete and gives you more volume per pound.More volume means more projects.This lightweight formula is easy to use; just add water and pour the mix into our ready to use molds. 40 minutes later, remove your work of art. Leave it natural or decorate with metal leaf, paint,stencils, rhinestones, embossing powder or whatever you desire. Make bowls, planters, bookends coasters and so much more. There is no limit to what you can make and enjoy the same day. The creative possibilities are endless thanks to makers mix easy to use formulation and ready to use molds. Make the perfect accessory for your home decor or as a gift item in a few hours from start to finish! form it around a balloon, wait 40 minutes, deflate the balloon and you have a beautiful sculptured shape to decorate.

Product Features

  • 30Percent lighter than Regular concrete
  • Fast setting lightweight DIY concrete
  • Sets in 40 minutes

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