407 Latex Casting Rubber- Pure Liquid Latex407 Latex Casting Rubber is made from pure organic refined latex. Latex compounds are not the same some have poor tear strength while other latex emulsions take longer to cure. 407 Latex Casting Rubber has the maximum tear resistance in teh minumum cure time. It is the highest quality latex produced and will provide you with the high elasticity and tear resistant casting; an important factor in making masks. It also can be used for time saving dip molding instead of the tedious repeat coatings required of traditional molding latex. Features of this latex include: High tear resistance Fast curing Water based (may be thinned with water) One part (nothing to mix!) Sets on exposure to air Shrink resistant and Superior detail capture. The box contains one 16 fluid ounce bottle. (The cover of the box features a picture of Anthony Giordano Prop Master for Saturday Night Live working on a pumpkin head mask!)

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