Now in a new color: Gray-Green! Van Aken's oil based, sulfur free Klean Klay Alternative fills the vacuum left by Klean Klay's departure from the market. This is not Van Aken's standard Plastalina, but rather a specifically formulated alternative to Klean Klay that maintains 99% of the properties you grew to know and love. Van Aken's Klean Klay Alternative is odorless, non hardening, non drying, and sulfur free, so it works great with silicone rubbers. Use Van Aken's Klean Klay Alternative for sculpting, for molds and shims, metal casting, cement casting-for everything you would have used Klean Klay for. Van Aken's Klean Klay Alternative cuts the same, models the same, and even melts the same. This is the Klean Klay alternative you've been looking for.

Product Features

  • New Color: Gray-Green!
  • Sulfur Free and Odorless
  • Non Hardening
  • Non Drying
  • Works Fine with Silicone Rubbers

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