Mont Marte Air Hardening Clay is the perfect choice for professional modellers, artists and students alike. This heavy bodied clay is pliable after kneading, and because it is slow drying you can take your time forming it into your desired design.<br> The clay is suited to free form sculpting and can be sanded, drilled, painted or vanished once dry. Almost any decorative object can be created with imagination. Traditional pottery techniques can be used together with non traditional methods such as stamping or adding objects to your work. Standard pottery tools can be used with Mont Marte Air Hardening Modelling Clay.<br> A Perfect choice for professional modelers, artists and students.<br>

Product Features

  • Mont Marte modeling clay has find texture, pliable body and easy to smooth. One package contains 3 packs and the weight of each pack is 1.16bs
  • Make highly detailed pieces and modeling clay could be air hardening in 24 hours.
  • Our modeling clay could be used with standard pottery tool and traditional pottery techniques
  • Mont Marte modeling clay is a great gift for kids students. It is non-toxic and kids could enjoy their creative ideas.
  • A good choice for amateurs, beginners, class and kids. You can use this clay to model everything you love

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Our Score: 37

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